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Bimputh Finance PLC was originated in 2008. In the past 6 years, Bimputh Finance has built an extraordinary tradition of excellence in all aspects of micro-finance. The prime objective of BF is to uplift the living standards of hitherto neglected low income householders, particularly in Ampara & Monaragala Districts by providing them with financing at affordable rates for cultivation of sugar cane, paddy and other cash crops and for self employment projects. Within the short period of its existence has opened six branches in Ampara, Sevanagala, Uhana, Padiyathalawa, Maha Oya & Dehiattakandiya.

The overall performance of the Company is extremely satisfying and promising. Total assets at Rs.843.1 Mn reflect an increase of Rs.183.5 Mn or 28% during the year 2013 while profits have increased to Rs.30.4 Mn from Rs.16.8 Mn registering an increase of 81%. Basic earnings per share of the Company accounted for increase of 36.14% from the year 2012 to 2103 as an optimistic feature.


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