For Small Medium Enterprises

Bimputh Asset Development Loans

Our Bimputh Asset Development Loan is ideal if you are looking to grow your business or purchase a new asset providing you with a loan amounts ranging from Rs. 100,000 up to Rs. 5Mn for a loan period of 3 or 5 years.

Minimum Documentation
Interest Rate / Charges
For Small Medium Enterprises

Bimputh Working Capital Loans

This easy to apply and hassle-free loan caters to entrepreneurs that need urgent working capital upto Rs. 3Mn for their business needs with a loan payment period of 02 years

Minimum Documentation
Who's Entitled ?

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals aged from 18 – 60. All applicants should have a satisfactory CRIB and an adequate repayment capacity.

Documentation We Need


  • Business Registration Certificate.
  • Minimum 5years experience of in the relevant field of business.
  • Holder of a Current Account.
  • Asset should be registered under the name of applicant or his existing business.
  • Loan can be applied up to 70% of the total purchasing asset value.

Terms & Conditions

Minimum down payment amount, number of guarantors required etc. will vary based on the asset leased