Products & Services

01. Leasing

Whether for personal or business use, buying a vehicle can be a dream come true. We provide the lowest rates in the market, helping you make your dreams a reality.

02. Savings

Our Divi-Aruna savings account makes sure that your money earns its keep, thus setting you up for a safe and secure future.

03. Fixed Deposits

Bimputh Fixed Deposits provide you with the chance to earn a high return on your precious savings, with the added benefit of a higher interest rate for Senior Citizens.

04. Gold Loans

Bimputh Gold Loans can help you cover your financial requirements during such times.

05. Micro Finance

Bimputh Micro Finance aims to lend a hand to entrepreneurs and households to improve their livelihoods, without any requirement for a security. Loans start from Rs. 5,000 upwards.

06. SME

Our SME Loans are geared at Small and Medium-scale entrepreneurs with ambition, who intend to take their enterprises to the next level.